Monday, January 23, 2012

10 simple tips on how to deal with stress.

Your deadline is coming up and
you haven't got any ideas. Your
spouse smashed the car. The in-
laws are coming for a week.
You're trying to close a big sale
over the Internet, and your
computer crashes.
Stress is constantly with us.
What happens to you when
you're under a lot of stress?
Your heart races, your breathing
gets faster, your blood
circulation and metabolism
speeds up. Your muscles tense,
getting you ready to fight or
flee. But you don't do either.
And it builds up.
When nothing is done about it,
too much stress will lead to;
nervous disorders, headaches,
hypertension, heart problems,
stroke, death.
How can you tell if you're under
too much pressure? It is
different for each individual.
Headaches may be a sign,
insomnia, digestive problems,
irritable bowel syndrome,
constipation and diarrhoea,
abdominal pain.
If you look someone straight in
the eyes and see white under
either iris or both, that person is
under too much stress.
Here are some tips to help you
deal with stress:
1) At work, delegate tasks to
others. Trust others to get it
2) Prioritize tasks. Do what must
be done now.
3) Take a break. (Stay away from
caffeine & nicotine)
4) Go for a walk or talk to
5) Record your thoughts, or
write them down.
6) Exercise.
7) Enjoy yourself with fun
8) Do something totally
different, unexpected.
9) Take deep Breathes!!!
10) Get a good laugh.
80% of your worries never
occur. If you can do something
about it, get it done. Otherwise,
don't let it bother you. Stress
can best be managed by
realizing what you can change
about your life and knowing
what you can't.

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