Saturday, January 7, 2012

Demonic: Lady Gaga Baths In Blood At London Hotel Room

largeLady Gaga allegedly left
amounts of blood" in a hotel
bath when she checked out of
London's expensive
Intercontinental Hotel last
summer. The staff reportedly
discovered a pool of red liquid
in the tub of her suite.
One housekeeper claimed Gaga
s "bathing in blood as part
of a Satanic ritual" and told
"Lady Gaga left large amounts
of blood in the suite during a
stay this summer. The incident
was reported to the concierge,
who was told to put it out of
her mind."
Other sources believe Gaga
could have been using the red
liquid as part of a "weird" stage
costume or prop.
An insider said: "All of the
hotel's staff are convinced she
was bathing in it or, at the very
least, using it as part of one of
her new costumes or weird
stage routines."
While it is unclear whether the
liquid actually was blood or
what the singer had been using
it for, it is not the first time Gaga
has been accused of unusual
behavior in hotels.
It has previously been Reported
that Gagas terrified of evil spirits
and reportedly has every hotel
and tour venue scanned by a
team of paranormal
investigators before she will
agree to stay there.

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