Thursday, January 19, 2012

IG Of Police May Be Sacked Over Escape Of Boko Haram Bomber

Kabir Sokoto, the alleged
mastermind, escaped from
police custody 24 hours after he
had been arrested by the police
during a commando-style raid at
the Borno State Governor’s
lodge in Abuja.
In the aftermath of the suspect’s
dramatic escape, many
Nigerians have described it as a
“national embarrassment,” and
called for the sack of Ringim.
Already, on the prompting of
President Goodluck Jonathan,
the Minister of Police Affairs,
Caleb Olubolade, has issued a
query to the IGP, asking the
police boss to explain within 24
hours the circumstances
surrounding the escape. The
query also asked Ringim to
show why he should not be
punished for negligence since
the ultimate responsibility to
keep the escapee was his.
The development came as the
National Security Adviser, Gen.
Owoye Azazi (retd.), described
the escape of Sokoto as a
drawback to the anti-terrorism
“This is a regrettable drawback
on our efforts,” Azazi said.
In an SMS sent to one of our
correspondents on Tuesday
night, Azazi said that President
Goodluck Jonathan would want
to know what happened. He
said the incident could portray
the government as unserious
with its anti-terrorism war.
Azazi said, “This is a regrettable
drawback on our efforts. What it
means (is that) government
Could be seen differently.”
Olubolade on Wednesday
confirmed that he had queried
Ringim, saying the IGP as the
number one police officer had
the responsibility to ensure that
the high profile suspect was
“If he (the IGP) is found guilty of
complicity, he himself would
have to account for his
mistakes,” the minister told
State House Correspondents at
the end of the weekly Federal
Executive Council meeting in
Abuja. The minister came out of
the Executive Chamber looking
When he was asked whether
the IGP could be sacked over the
matter, he said, “Yes, anybody
(could), including me.”
He also said he had ordered that
the Commissioner of Police,
Zakari Biu, who was suspended
over the escape be detained.
He said, “From the ministry, I
have directed the IG to carry out
full investigations and even at a
higher level above that one,
there will be another
investigation to ascertain what
led to the suspect’s escape.”
“I have also directed that the
officers and the other personnel
involved should be detained
immediately. You would have
seen in the newspapers that the
Commissioner of Police has
been suspended. In fact,
beyond that, I have ordered that
he be placed under arrest.
“If somebody has erred in his
responsibility, the outcome of
the investigation will prove that.
What is important is that
whatever step we are going to
take as a result of this neglect,
we have to take it immediately.”
Olubolade was asked if the
suspect’s escape was a
confirmation of the President’s
position that members of Boko
Haram had infiltrated his
government and security
agencies. He replied, “I cannot
confirm that statement. What is
important is that the suspect is
amiss and all steps must be
taken to re-arrest him.
While that is pending, the
officers involved, those who
conducted the search, must be
detained so that the outcome of
the investigation will lead to
whatever punishment will be

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