Thursday, January 19, 2012

Married man stabs girlfriend to death , then stabs himself

I thought we’d seen the end of these gruesome domestic violence related deaths with the passing of 2011 but I guess not.

In Mafoluku Oshodi, one Kabiru Ogunlana has been arrested by the Lagos State police command on Wednesday for allegedly stabbing his girlfriend Isiwatu Ajayi, to death. According to Mr. Samuel Jinadu, the spokesman of the command, the suspect also attempted to commit suicide immediately after the death of the lady.

According to the reports, on the day of the incident, Ogunlana reportedly went along with his wife to confront Ajayi at her grandmother’s house at 12, Olalubi Street after which an argument ensued.
According to an eyewitness:

“Ogunlana came with his wife to confront Ajayi. Ajayi turned her back and an argument ensued between them. Before I knew what was happening, Ogunlana had brought out a double-edged knife and stabbed Ajayi. He stabbed her repeatedly,” she said.

In an attempt to stop him from his gruesome act, by trying to get the knife away from him, three other people also got stabbed.

“After those three got injured trying to save Ajayi, everybody became afraid to go near him. Ogunlana stabbed Ajayi repeatedly in the neck, thighs, and chest,” she said.

He then attempted to escape but residents chased and caught him.

“We all ran after him but when he realised that we were about to catch up with him, he stabbed himself and collapsed. We thought he had died. However, while all that was happening, his wife escaped,” a youth in the neighbourhood said.

A cousin of the deceased, who did not disclose her name, said, “I was in the front of the house when neighbours raised the alarm. Immediately, I went upstairs to inform our grandmother and we went to the backyard where she was stabbed.

“We decided to rush her to hospital since she was still breathing. But before we got to the hospital, she died because she had lost so much blood.”

An aunt of the 25-year-old deceased, who spoke to our correspondent amid tears, said Ajayi’s death was painful because she was the only surviving child of her mother.

She said, “Isiwatu (Ajayi) lost her mother at the age of seven and was brought up by her grandparents.

“Her grandfather just died four weeks ago and her grandmother is still mourning. It’s too sad. She even had a three-year-old child. I don’t know why Ogunlana would commit such a hideous act.”

Sympathisers who came in droves to condole with the family of the deceased, rained curses on Ogunlana and asked police to ensure that justice was done.

Kabiru is currently being treated at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), Ikeja.

He should get well, be tried and then hanged!

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