Monday, January 23, 2012

Oyedepo sends God’s judgment missiles into Boko Haram camp

Following the unabated spate of
bombings in the country, the
Senior Pastor of Living Faith
Church Worldwide (a.k.a
Winners Chapel), Bishop David
Oyedepo, has released God's
judgement missiles into the
camp of Boko Haram.
In his sermon on Sunday at
Canaanland, Ota, he
said:"Everyone connected with
the escape of the Boko Haram
kingpin, would soon face the
wrath of God.
He declared his readiness to
lead a revolution against
jihadists, who continue to
terrorise Nigerians and threaten
the unity the country through
their activities
"God has anointed me to lead a
revolution against jihadists.
Enough is enough of their
activities," he said
Speaking further, Bishop
Oyedepo said, "if it is the wish
of God for the country to break
up. God, break it now."
He also warned that, "If the
church should arise, Nigeria will
no more be a nation."

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