Monday, January 2, 2012

SUBSIDY REMOVAL: The time to act is NOW!!!

Damilola Adekunle
Fellow Nigerians, before they ask
you to embark on the
though needed mass protest
against the FGN's alleged
please ask them if they have
sought permission from Boko
Haram, originalMEND,
EbeleMEND, Egbesu, OPC & co to
allow us have a peaceful mass
action without
being infiltrated, bombed,
maimed and killed again?
Should they find a need to strike,
can they please rather visit the
families of
the likes of GEJs, Okonjo-Iwealas,
Alison-Madueke and other
members of the
Federal ExecuTHIEF Council who
make these inhumane decisions?
Let them feel the common man's
pains of loosing a loved one as a
result of their decisions to wage
war against Nigeria.
Perhaps when we are able to get
clearance from these groups
who are deemed to be in charge
of our nation's "security", by the
form of their usual press
releases, then we decide where
to go from there.
-Please copy, share, broadcast &
you could be saving a life.

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