Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Man Call Police To Complain about Prostitute's Bad Service rendered to him..

Jerry Eugene Streng- Jailed After Calling Police To Complain About Prostitute's Bad Service

Berlin, Pennsylvania - Jerry Eugene Streng, a 63-year-old Berlin man was jailed after he allegedly called 911 to complain after two hookers charged him for sex, but failed to include him in the act.

According to Pennsylvania state police, Streng hired two Berlin area hookers, Jacqueline Eubanks, 50, and Tonia Good, 34, for $400 under the agreement that he would be in the middle of the women as they all engaged in sexual activities at his residence.

The women got undressed, and began smoking Streng's marijuana, but when it came to sex, they seemed to be more interested in pleasing each other rather than Streng.

Investigators say Streng took off his clothes and got into bed with the women. However, instead of being in the middle of the women, he was relegated to a corner of the bed as the two women had sex with one another.

When the women were finished, they reportedly took Streng's money without giving him the 'full service' he had paid for.

Streng called 911 to report what he referred to as a robbery. When officers arrived on the scene, they arrested Streng. Eubanks and Good were also apprehended.

A few hours later, Steng called 911 a second time when one of the prostitutes returned to his home to use the restroom. She and Streng were taken into custody.

Streng was booked into jail and charged with patronization of prostitution. Eubanks and Good were also booked into jail on prostitution charges.

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