Monday, August 27, 2012

It is stupid to travel to go meet someone you've only been chatting with on social media- Cynthia's dad

"Even though I have lost a daughter, her loss might not be in vain because there are lessons other people need to learn from this unfortunate incident. I believe it is stupid for somebody to travel to go and meet people that he or she had not known because you have been chatting with them on social media. I strongly believe that adventure is too risky. You should know people before you begin to visit them. Students especially have a big lesson to learn from this" - Major General Frank Osokogu

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  1. I quiet disagree with the General's view about about online dating,so many people met their spouses on line.It's very unfortunate that this very case turn out this way.I met the lady am presently dating online and she traveled down from her. school to see me.However, i will advice young people of like mind to be cautious........