Thursday, October 4, 2012

[Pics] 46 Years Old Married Man Caught Having Sex with a Sheep in Ebonyi

Kelechi Nnali, a 46-year-old man from
Nkpogoro, Ndibe in Afikpo North Local
Government Area of Ebonyi State has been
allegedly caught having sexual intercourse
with a sheep along the roadside in the
community over the weekend.
Nnali, who is married with two wives and
children, was reported to have pleaded with
the boy who saw him committing the crime
not to tell anybody, promising that he
would give him N10, 000 and a handset.
However, Nnali had reneged on his promise
and the cat was let out of the bag.
Hearing of the act of bestiality committed
by Mr. Nwali, the elders of the community
reported to have summoned him to answer
to the allegation; the matter was
subsequently taken to Ogo Ezinwachi Play
ground where delicate and public matter
are usually discussed.
Mr. Nnali was eventually sanctioned
according to the law of the land and the
elders, who were visibly angry with the
depraved act, stressed that the man had
committed an abomination in the land and
must pay the price according to the law of
the land. Also, it was gathered that to
cleanse the land of the abominable act,
elderly women of Ndibe had last weekend
performed a traditional ablution called
Npkompko in Mr. Nnali’s compound.
Meanwhile, Nnali was reported to have fled
the community for fear of being lynched by
irate youths of the area.

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