Saturday, December 22, 2012

I Am Ready To Act Nude For A Good Script – Nollywood Actress

Ejinne OkoroaforYoung actress, Ejinne Okoroafor is obviously carried away by the fact that men can’t take their eyes off her body. Little did she know that most of such men don’t really mean well for her.
Below is what the actress told a reporter about men and her desire to act nude:
Me and men: Men can’t keep their eyes off me. In fact, I get a lot of compliments from them all the time, so it’s not a new thing. Sometimes some stare so much at me that I can’t help but thank God for blessing me.
Sexual Harassment: I believe that there is sexual harassment everywhere even in offices but it’s up to the person in question to either accept or turn them down. For me, I am not desperate.
Acting Nude: Yes I can act nude if it’s in a foreign movie with a very good story line. But I can’t act in a porn movie, especially in any Nollywood movie because it’s against our culture as Africans.

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