Sunday, December 23, 2012

Man Breaks Manhood While Having S*X [PHOTO]

According to TMZ, MMA fighter Ray Elbe who competed on “Ultimate Fighter 9″ had to be rushed to a hospital in Malaysia earlier this month after he broke his man-hood during sex; a condition that required 10 stitches to fix.
According to the fighter, he was having fun with his girlfriend who was “on top” when she bounced a little too high, and crunched his erect manhood.
According to Ray, his penis “fractured” … and “blood was everywhere” and immediately passed out from the pain. It was at a nearby hospital that he underwent surgery to close the wound and repair a “slight tear” in his urinary tube.
Ray is expected to make full recovery — and was ordered to take “anti-erection pills” for two weeks.

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