Tuesday, January 17, 2012

FILE!! CAN Seeks N500M For Each Christian Killed By Boko Haram

The Christian Association of
Nigeria (CAN) yesterday told the
Borno State government to pay
N500 million compensation to
each family whose love ones
have been brutally murdered by
the Boko Haram Islamic sect.
The northern branch of the CAN
blasted the state government
for paying N100 million as
compensation to the family of
the deceased leader of the Boko
Haram Islamic sect, saying it was
improper for the government to
use tax payers’ money to settle
the relation of an outlaw who
was responsible for the killings
and destruction of property of
innocent Nigerians, particularly
The CAN in a statement signed
by its publicity secretary, Mr.
Sunday Oibe, said: “We,
therefore, demand N500 million
compensation to the families of
each Nigerian killed by the Boko
Haram Islamic sect from the
Borno State government in the
interest of justice, equity and
fair play.
“The decision of the Borno State
government to compensate the
in-laws the Boko Haram Islamic
leader without equally
compensating other Nigerians
killed by members of the Islamic
sect goes to show the
insensitivity of the government
towards the losses suffered by
other Nigerians.”

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