Tuesday, January 17, 2012

FOR LADIES: 6 free tricks for whiter teeth

1. Say no to yellow or orange
Darker colored lipsticks make
your teeth look whiter, but they
also make you look older so
choose your lipstick colors
wisely. Red lipsticks and those
with cool blue tones will make
your teeth look whiter.
Stay away from yellow and
orange toned lipsticks that
make your teeth look yellow.
Pale, frosted shades tend to
make your teeth look dull as do
matte finishes.
2. Avoid bright white clothes
A bright white shirt or dress
will only accentuate your less-
than-white teeth. Try wearing
off-white or cream and always
choose colors that are a shade
lighter than your teeth.
3. Go bronze
Golden and darker skin tones
make your teeth look whiter.
Instead of heading to the beach
or tanning salon, try a bronzing
lotion on your face.
4. Silver jewelry vs. gold
To add dazzle to your smile,
wear silver jewelry or sparkling
rhinestones and crystals instead
of gold jewelry, which
emphasizes yellow tones in
5. Baking soda polish
Baking soda is a mild abrasive
that can occasionally be used to
scrub away surface stains on
teeth. This quick fix is great for
removing fresh red wine and
coffee stains on teeth.
6. Eat the right snacks
Snacking on foods like celery,
apples, broccoli, carrots,
oranges, and cheese will get rid
of the bacteria that cause
plaque to form on your teeth.

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