Friday, January 20, 2012

Landlord Stabs Tenant's Wife For Denying Him Sex

In the latest incident, Mrs. Ajani
said in the open court that the
landlord claimed that he has
right over his tenants including
their wives and therefore
wanted to have sex with her at
all costs.
Adisa was alleged to have
sneaked into his brother’s
house at about 8 p.m. and
attempted to have sex with his
wife. The incident happened
when the woman’s husband
was away at work.
The shocked Fatimo shouted
and raised an alarm which
attracted neighbours.
This angered Adisa who
reportedly took a cutlas and cut
Fatima in the forehead and right
hand before she was rescued by
their neighbours.
Their neighbours said that Adia
claimed that even if he wanted
to sleep with her, there was no
reason why she should shout
and disgrace him in his own
In the first case involving Biola,
the landlord, who hails from
Kwara State, was granted bail
on self recognition and was
asked to report to court until he
fulfils his bail conditions.
He did not show up as the court
ordered and also failed to meet
the bail conditions.
The court was stunned when
the same landlord was brought
to the same court for the same
He pleaded not guilty to the
charge but could not explain
how Fatima sustained injuries in
the encounter with him.
The prosecutor, Mr. Oladejo
Balogun, objected to his bail on
the condition that he had
abused the bail granted him in
the previous charge against
Balogun also urged the court to
remand him in prison custody
because he seemed to derive
pleasure in harassing and
threatening his tenants,
especially the women around
The court considered the
application and ruled that
though the offence he allegedly
committed was a bailable one,
he had shown disrespect to the
court by bolting away when he
was first arraigned and was
granted bail.
The court ordered that he
should be remanded in prison
custody without an option of
bail pending when he shows
The matter was adjourned till 13
February 2012 for mention.

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