Thursday, January 19, 2012

Man Accused Of Witchcraft Hacked To Death By Relatives

An eyewitness, who preferred
anonymity, said the deceased
was riding on a motorcycle
when he saw some men at
Oyoku Ubighi, drinking and
eating dog meat at a joint.
Mfon, deceased
The eyewitness explained that
the men jumped inside a vehicle
immediately they sighted him
and chased the deceased.
He said, “We saw Mfon riding on
a motorcycle and almost all the
men that were drinking left
immediately to close him. They
followed him and when they got
to a desolate area, hit him with
their vehicle.
“As he tried to get up and run,
people around the area, who
thought it was an accident,
rushed to the scene to rescue
“But no fewer than five persons
got out of the vehicle, with axes
and cutlasses and hacked the
deceased. They shot into the air
sporadically to scare the crowd,
and took the body away to an
unknown destination.”
Also, a bicycle rider, who also
craved anonymity, corroborated
the eyewitness' account.
He added that as he was
running to the scene to rescue
the deceased, he saw some men
coming out of a white Volvo car
with no number plate.
He said, “When I saw them, I
was afraid and quickly
retreated. In the process of
killing Mfon, I heard one of them
say, 'You use your witchcraft
power to kill my mother. I
warned you if the woman died,
you too would die. And let us
see if your witchcraft will be
able to save you.'
“I held my breath. When they
finished cutting the deceased
up, they took the body away,
and nobody could trace them
The wife of the deceased, Ikwo,
said her husband was going to
ask Etim how far he had gone
with the aluminium pulpit he
was making for the church.
She said from what she learnt,
when her husband was
returning home around 5pm at
Mbokpu Oyoima, a vehicle was
trailing him but he didn't notice
She said she learnt her husband
was killed at a desolate area,
opposite a church at Oyoku
Ibighi, in Urue Offong/Oruko
She said her husband had
abandoned home to live with
friends following repeated
threat messages by his relations.
She said, “All along they had
been sending threat messages
to the extent that a Deacon in a
church, summoned my husband
and advised him to avoid some
of his relations because of the
“My husband had on two
occasions been mercilessly
beaten by his own people and
some cult men in the village.
When I reported the matter to
the police who came to my
husband's rescue, his relations
blamed me and fined me one
she-goat and 10 bottles of
locally-made gin for insulting
them by calling the police.
“They blamed my husband for
the sickness of her sister and
said if the woman should die,
my husband would also be
killed. And so, they carried out
their threat.”
Ikwo said when she reported
the matter to the police in the
area, they asked what she
expected them to do after the
man had been killed.
When contacted, the Police
Public Relations Officer, Mr.
Onyekaozuru Orji, said the
police were unaware of the
incident but would do
everything within their
constitutional power to bring all
the culprits to book.

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