Thursday, January 19, 2012

Shocking! Big Brother Contestant Raped on Live TV Show

A housemate on Brazil's
version of Big Brother has been
raped live on TV, it has been
alleged. Police today confirmed
they had begun an investigation
and carried out a search of the
studios in Rio de Janeiro, where
the popular reality show is
being filmed.
Viewers were shocked in the
early hours of Sunday to watch
contestant Daniel Echaniz 31,
apparently force himself on 23-
year-old student Monique Amin,
who had passed out drunk after
a boozy party.
Night cameras fimed Echaniz,
a male model, get into the bed
where Ms Amin was sleeping
before appearing to have sex
with her under the covers.
Throughout the incident the
female contestant appeared
The next morning Ms Amin
was asked about the incident in
the diary room, and appeared to
know little of what had
As the scandal began to
engulf the show, one of Brazil's
most watched TV programmes,
police officers arrived at the
house and interviewed Ms Amin
for three hours, before taking
her away for a rape
examination, according to
Daniel Echaniz, who is
allegedly shown raping his
drunken and dazed costar,
Monique Amin, has been
forced to leave the house. He
was supposedly escorted off
by officers. That must be the
worse way ever to leave the
Big Brother house.
Here is the video below, it
looks like a RAPE to me!!

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