Thursday, January 19, 2012

Shocking! Nigeria To Buy 2 More Presidential Jets, To Make a Total of 10 Jets

From my investigations, I don't
think the leadership in Nigeria is
ready to tackle corruption, if the
President and executive is
actually serious about this, the
presidency will not include the
purchase of two aircrafts in
addition to the eight which he
already has in his fleet.
“One of the items of
expenditure in the current
budget is the purchase of two
more aircraft to bring the
presidential fleet to over 10.
What does the President need
a fleet of aircraft for?
“How can Nigerians make
sacrifices if the leaders are
unwilling to sacrifice their
exhubitant lifestyle? In any case,
how many aircraft has the
Queen of England?
“The British Prime Minister
does not have any jet, he uses
the British Airways. President
Barack Obama pays for his
food (unless when hosting a
state banquet) and even pays
rent on his official residence.”
It was around may of last year
that Nigeria’s N7Bn Presidential
Jet was Banned From Flying
Worldwide. That is almost 70
days after the new N7.65bn
presidential jet, Falcon 7X,
touched down at the Nnamdi
Azikiwe International Airport,
Abuja, from the manufacturer’s
factory in France, Dassault
Aviation, France European
authorities have banned the jet
from flying in Europe and other
parts of the world over safety
DETAILS is online, Check the
budget office, if you think this is
a joke

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