Sunday, February 19, 2012

MADNESS!!!! White Couples Get Married Naked In Jamaica

The things you hear and see for
that matter.
As part of a filmed documentary,
the Hedonism II resort invited
ten couples for an all-expense
paid group ceremony where
everyone would get married on
valentine’s day in the nude. One
couple however, dropped out
before the big day.
The 10 couples had been
selected from a stack of 100
applications asking a myriad of
questions, including why they
wanted to start their life
together in the nude.
The Valentine’s day ceremony
was the first nude wedding
event at the Jamaican resort
since 2003. There had been
controversy over nude
weddings in 2001 when
Simpson Miller, then Jamaica’s
tourism minister, said getting
married without clothes was at
odds with how Jamaica should
be marketed.
According to Zein Issa-Nakash, a
marketing vice president of
Superclubs, which owns
Hedonism,this time around
there were no protests by locals
and pastors as there was a
decade ago.

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