Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Man Survives In Snow Trapped Car For Two Months Without Food OR Water

A Swedish man was dug out
alive after being snowed in to
his car on a forest track for
two months with no food,
police and local media
reported on Saturday.
The 45-year-old from southern
Sweden was found Friday,
emaciated and too weak to
utter more than a few words.
He was found not far from the
city of Umea in the north of
Sweden by snowmobilers who
thought they had come across a
car wreck until they dug their
way to a window and saw
movement inside.
The man, who was laying in the
back seat in a sleeping bag, said
he had been in the car since
December 19.
"Just incredible that he's alive
considering that he had no
food, but also since it's been
really cold for some time after
Christmas," a rescue team
member told regional daily
Vasterbottens-Kuriren, which
broke the news.
Ebbe Nyberg, duty officer at the
Umea police, said police saw no
reason to doubt that the man
had been stuck in the car for a
very long time.
"We would not make something
like this up. The rescue services
were on site too and saw the
same as us," he told

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