Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dear ladies; all you need to wash your vagina is clean hands & water

This is according to a LIB reader who says she's a gynaecologist.
Hello Linda, I am a gynaecologist and I need you to pass a message to your female readers. Warning Ladies! Do not use soap to wash your vagina. Don't use anything at all. It's self-cleaning. The discharge you get through out the day? That's how the vagina cleans itself. Using soap will only put you at higher risk of developing irritation or infection. Using warn water and clean had is enough. Discharge cleans out dirt and dead cells. The vagina is also acidic so kills off harmful bacteria while allowing healthy bacteria to thrive. You don't need to clean your vagina, just your vulva but you do this with water only! Soaps, washes, wipes are potentially harmfully and may kill off healthy bacteria! Bear in mind that your vagina/vulva is made up of mucosa - like skin but without the top protective layer. Mucosa is sensitive so more prone to irritation from chemicals in soaps &washes. All you to wash your vagina is clean hands &soap!
How can you not wash your vagina with soap, biko?

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