Monday, October 1, 2012

Teacher Caught Having sex in the classroom with a student(With Photos)

Teacher Caught Having Sex With Student In Class This is becoming unbearable. A reader just brought my attention to this. What on earth!. Students are meant to go to school to study. Their teachers are meant to teach them, and what do we have these days? Teachers sexually abusing their students, this is so so sad. The other day, it was a video of an 11years old girl and a younger boy. Do mothers come online at all? How long will this continue? When will the right authority act fast on this? This and many more questions are waiting for reply. We will update you soon as we can on any info we get on this. I really hope this didn’t happen in Nigeria, but then if it was Ghana nko? Isn’t it still a country? Aren’t we all humans? Someone act up o…

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  1. u can't change the fruits of a tree by plucking them off....the roots grow even deeper when u do that!!!!